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The Spectrum SDNA-1000 saliva collection kit is the first EUA authorized device used for collecting saliva biosamples to test for COVID-19. Testing must be ordered by a doctor and processed at a EUA authorized CLIA accredited laboratory. Click here for more information on the SDNA-1000. If you are interested in using this saliva collection device as part of your COVID-19 testing workflow or interested in at-home testing services visit our product distribution page.

Spectrum in the News

Spectrum in the News

About the Product

Innovative Engineering SDNA-1000


Spectrum Solutions has manufactured over 20 million Saliva Collection devices for distribution worldwide. Spectrum’s technically superior  SDNA-1000 saliva collection device was engineered to lead the saliva collection industry in molecular diagnostics and clinical research applications delivering the safest and most robust biomaterial collection approach for the detection and diagnosis of disease or viral infection.

  • First saliva collection device to receive EUA authorization for COVID-19 testing
  • First saliva collection device FDA authorized for at-home sample collection
  • Only pain-free biosample collection option for COVID-19 testing
  • Engineered to reduce self-collection error
  • Delivers consistent high-quality, high-yield biosamples
  • 100% inactivation of the live virus
  • 100% bacteriostatic
  • Delivers over a 90% reduction in PPE usage compared to current swab collections for COVID-19 testing
  • Single device preserves both DNA and fragile viral RNA transcripts
  • Device stabilizes and extends biosample viability post-collection over 10 days with no degradation of sample efficacy extending shipping and transport options
  • Saliva collection system mitigates any risk of infection throughout the testing process
  • Pinpoint life-cycle stage of active viral infection
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