Spectrum Solutions is actually only the medical device manufacturer of the SpectrumDNA saliva collection system. A system that was created to collect and preserve the saliva sample, engineered to inactivate the virus inside that sample (if one should be present), and securely deliver that saliva sample to whichever lab the user purchased or received this collection kit from.

Spectrum is not a lab with the specialized equipment required to process any biological samples for any purpose but is in fact only responsible for the first step (the sample collection) in a multi-step process. Additionally, before COVID-19, saliva had not been used for any viral testing. Period. This was a new discovery (stemming from a study we initiated in March of 2020) looking for a better testing solution. Pre-COVID, saliva was primarily used by labs (again, Spectrum is not a lab) for testing applications that included DNA. This includes everything from heritage tracing to a cancer diagnosis. The packaging and instructions for the Spectrum collection kit are a reflection of its original focus and purpose and solely explain how to use the product in order to get a viable sample to a lab for processing. In the end, what is extracted from the saliva sample contained inside is determined by the test ordering doctor and performed by a lab with that type of expertise and equipment.