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What’s your purchase profile? Are you an individual looking for an at-home testing option? An organization looking to incorporate, deploy, and manage a scalable saliva-based mass-testing scenario? Or, maybe it’s somewhere in between?

Below you’ll find the different purchasing options from our product distribution partners to collaborative service providers and authorized testing labs that have integrated our saliva collection system. Choose the option that best fits your needs or reach out to us for a custom solution.

Together, frankly, anything is possible but you don’t have to take our word for it just ask Major League Baseball.

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Home & Employee Testing Services

AnyPlace MD Logo

AnyPlace MD Full Service At-Home Testing

Tel. 877-474-1318
Fax. 512-430-5832
2001 Windy Terrace
Cedar Park, Texas  78613
AnyPlace MD offers full-service COVID-19 testing & care solutions, including bulk tests for purchase and free symptom monitoring.

DxTerity Logo

DxTerity Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory

Phone: 310.537.7857
Fax: 310.356.3154 19500
South Rancho Way, Suite 116
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220
FDA EUA authorized for COVID-19 saliva testing using the SDNA-1000
E7 Health Logo

E7 Health

Chicago: 312-997-5522
Las Vegas: 702-800-2723

e7 Health now offers an FDA EUA Authorized at-home / at-work saliva test kit that checks for active COVID-19 infection. If you are currently experiencing any signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19 or have been recently exposed to someone with COVID-19, you may want to take this test.

The test is performed through a simple saliva sample that you can collect in the safety of your own home and ship to the lab. Results are usually received within 2-3 business days once the lab receives your specimen.

Corporations, schools, and other organizations may order the saliva tests to keep on-hand in the workplace to easily provide testing as needed. Quick and easy COVID-19 saliva testing helps to minimize the delay for your team to get tested and receive results.

Purlab logo

(212) 537-9380

1178 Broadway, 3rd Floor, #1403
New York, NY 10001

At-Home COVID-19 Testing for your company. Supporting the safety of our schools, businesses & institutions, introducing COVID-19 testing for employers. Employers will have access to a secure portal allowing them to check the status of tests as well as real-time data of positive and negative results.

Vault Health Logo

Vault Health

Vault Health streamlines the process for prescribing, supervising, and reporting results for the test:

  • Complete an online form with personal information and questions about exposure to SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 symptoms (must be at least 18 years old)
  • Receive test kit via UPS overnight shipping
  • Open-box and follow instructions for a Zoom video conference for supervised saliva collection with a Vault healthcare provider
  • The Vault medical professional walks through the process on how to provide the saliva sample and provides instructions on how to return the kit to the lab for testing
  • Ship back to lab in the provided pre-addressed UPS overnight clinical sample pouch
  • Upon receipt at RUCDR’s New Jersey facility, the sample will be processed and lab results will be available within 48-72 hours
Authorized COVID-19 saliva testing service partner under EUA200090 through RUCDR Infinite Biologics Laboratory


Visit the Vitagene website and complete a questionnaire to assess your risk of infection. Based on conditions set by the CDC, our system may qualify you for at-home testing. This is not a telemedicine experience. Strictly a self-collection.

  • “Questionnaire’ is immediately read by a registered physician.
  • If determined that the individual is a candidate for an at-home self-collected COVID-19 test the website opens access to the order kit page.
  • The Individual then places an order for a kit and it is then shipped directly to their location.
  • The individual follows the provided instructions on how to self-collect their saliva sample and how to ship back to the lab for processing.
  • Expected testing results in 3 days
Authorized COVID-19 saliva testing service partner under EUA200090 through RUCDR Infinite Biologics Laboratory

Labs Processing Saliva for COVID-19

DxTerity Logo

DxTerity Diagnostics Clinical Laboratory

Phone: 310.537.7857
Fax: 310.356.3154

19500 South Rancho Way Suite 116
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

FDA EUA authorized for COVID-19 saliva testing using the SDNA-1000

IBX-Infinity Biologix Clinical Laboratory

Infinity BiologiX Laboratory – IBX (formerly RUCDR Infinite Biologics)

Rutgers University Campus–New Brunswick

145 Bevier Rd, Piscataway, NJ 08854
Phone: (732) 445-1498

FDA EUA200090 authorized for COVID-19 saliva testing using the SDNA-1000

 Predictive Laboratories

Predictive Laboratories

2749 E Parleys Way #100
Salt Lake City, UT 84109
Phone: 855-497-3636

Authorized for COVID-19 saliva testing using the SDNA-1000 EUA202432


ProPhase Labs/ProPhase Diagnostics

42 Throckmorton Ln
Old Bridge, NJ 08857
Phone: 732-705-6400
Fax: 732-753-9998


Authorized for COVID-19 saliva testing using the SDNA-1000 EUA202432

SDNA-1000 Kit Distribution Partners


Remote Health Solutions

15721 Wc Main Street, Midlothian, Virginia 23113, United States
Phone: (804) 893-0890
RXBio Logo


Canada HQ
74-556 Edward Ave
Richmond Hill, Ontario
L4C 9Y5
Phone: +1-905-883-4333

Ireland HQ
Northwest Business Park, Unit 506 B
Ballycoolin, Dublin 15
Ireland, D15 KP21
Phone: +353 (1) 963-1100

Sterisample by Steribottle


By Steribottle

London HQ
Kemp House
152-160 City Road
London, EC1V 2NX


Strategic Lab Partners

40 Burton Hills Blvd Suite 350, Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: (800) 985-3422

As validations come through new resources will be added to these lists below. Labs that have submitted for EUA authorization, but not yet received a confirmation number, may still be processing saliva for COVID-19 testing using the SDNA-1000 while waiting for authorization. Contact us with any questions or if you feel you should be added to this list.

COVID-19 Testing,
Process, & FAQ’s

Registration of your Spectrum kit is done online with your testing provider and connects the kit’s barcode ID with your individual testing sample.

Spectrum Solutions is the medical device manufacturer of this saliva collection system. We are not the lab processing your diagnostic test and do not have access or visibility into your testing results. Please reach out to the testing service provider or healthcare organization you purchased this test from. Any test processing or result questions should be directed to this testing provider.

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Spectrum Secures Device EUA for COVID-19 Testing

Marking the first device-specific EUA for Spectrum, new FDA authorization expands access and availability for saliva-based COVID-19 testing options. Validation of Spectrum’s SDNA-1000 provides authorized COVID-19 testing labs an easy integration path with no additional saliva-testing FDA requirements. Unique device factors in this consideration were the SDNA-1000’s exclusive ability to inactivate the live virus after the pain-free self-collection of saliva samples while preserving and stabilizing viral RNA transcripts over 10 days with no degradation of sample efficacy.

EUA Documentation

Bye, Bye, Swab

Saliva-based diagnostics changes everything.

Engineered to eliminate sample self-collection errors, Spectrum’s spit test is non-invasive, ideal for those needing repeat testing, and mitigates any risk of infection throughout the testing process. Say hello to the new gold standard.

What’s the Point if it Isn’t Accurate?

PCR testing that incorporates the Spectrum saliva collection kit with patented preservation chemistry identifies infections at their earliest stages from as few as 200 copies/ml compared to lateral flow rapid antigen testing needing 10,000-20,000 copies/ml.

Accurate, safe, and pain-free.

SDNA-1000 Video
Product Instructions

[ REMEMBER:  Do NOT eat, drink, smoke, or chew gum for 30-minutes before collecting your saliva sample. ]

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