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Tailored End-to-End Services to Increase Efficiency & Decrease Time to Market

When you engineer and manufacture your own medical devices, participate in medical science research, and feature an onsite B2B compounding pharmacy you’re able to uniquely offer your contract manufacturing customers some pretty valuable bonus benefits. It’s all about providing a partnership with options like stand-alone or fully integrated development-to-delivery solutions, solving process pain points, and removing supply chain roadblocks that quickly expand specialized testing programs, advance medical device development, and support new business growth opportunities.

We understand what you need and what it takes to get it done.


MedDevice Development
& Engineering

Our proven expertise, innovative products, and supported processes are elevating standards and pioneering a new era of specialized testing solutions from personalized health & wellness to molecular diagnostics.

  • Advance medical device development
  • Quickly expand specialized testing programs
  • Support new business & remote healthcare growth opportunities
  • Web-based customizable medical testing business management
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Injection Molding

Turnkey, scalable, high-performance molding, prototyping, and rapid tooling experts.

  • Concept cesign & engineering
  • Clean & fully electric medical molding
  • Precise metrology lab
  • Skilled Mold Validation
  • Prototype &  expert tooling
  • Medical device redesigns
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Chemical Engineering,
Formulation & Filling

Liquid chemical blending services for your contract manufacturing, private label, and product compliance needs.

  • Your formula, our formula, or a new formula
  • Raw material sourcing
  • Specialized packaging services
  • Warehousing
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance onsite
  • Built-in scalable capacity
  • Managed logistics & manufacturing
  • Fulfillment services
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Product Packaging

Out-of-the-box thinking with inside-of-the-box innovation. Our global experts and engineers have found the most successful solutions start with transforming every complex product and regulatory need into an industry-leading healthcare packaging advantage shaped by design rooted in consumer insights, and inspired by the world we live in.

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Custom Kitting

Along with the rise of remote care and e-commerce specialized therapy solutions, consumers’ expectations in regard to fulfillment have also risen. Forward-looking, streamlined, quality-at-the-source solutions not only improve how goods are packed and shipped out to consumers or distributors but can directly impact the bottom line paying for itself many times over.

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Third-Party Logistics
& Global Fulfillment

3PL logistics and order fulfillment services can make or break your business. We remove the headaches and tailor our services and support to your company’s growth strategy. Our value-added benefits, like shipping rate discounts & same-day fulfillment services, deliver the consistent and positive brand experience you want.

  • Inventory management support
  • Real-time supply chain visibility
  • Data-driven business insights
  • Customizable DNA testing business logistics management
  • Support multiple distribution centers, lab or clinic locations
  • Track-and-trace bio-sample collection kits from manufacturing to lab delivery and anywhere in between
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Associations, Memberships
& Credentials

Associations, Memberships
& Credentials

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