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Sometimes a fresh perspective on something we thought we understood can open the door to new possibilities we hadn’t considered. Healthcare providers and researchers have long believed that changes in our saliva record our ongoing state-of-health story.

Focused on pioneering medical device innovation, Spectrum commissioned the breakthrough saliva study that not only challenged diagnostic testing protocols, but pioneered a global industry shift to the easier, pain-free, non-invasive, and 99.998% accurate option of using saliva.

Praised for incredible “innovation under pressure”, Spectrum is credited for delivering professional sports like Major League Baseball, Minor League Baseball, the Little League World Series, PGA Golf, NHL, and others back to the game as well as thousands of programs and organizations worldwide. In addition, Spectrum’s medical device innovation was also the first recognized for delivering pivotal at-home testing that includes 100% in-device live virus neutralization, sample self-collection, and direct-to-patient test delivery.

How you test makes a big diagnostic difference.

Spectrum’s device innovation highlights the importance of process safety, testing accuracy, and the optimal ease-of-use experience. Engineered to eliminate user sample self-collection errors, it’s ideally suited for scalable, real-world, mass-testing scenarios and those needing frequent or repeat testing.

Choosing the wrong testing option can introduce & increase critical program failure points.

Integrating Spectrum’s saliva collection kits provide organizations a fully supported and FDA validated system with a preservation chemistry able to identify infection at its earliest stage from as few as 200 copies/ml compared to rapid antigen tests needing 10,000-20,000 copies/ml.

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