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Spanning the laboratory medicine omics & ology multiverse, our ongoing and pioneering saliva diagnostic research, award-winning products, supported processes, innovative engineering, and clinical manufacturing are setting new standards of modernized care in the testing, monitoring, and treatment of disease for patients, providers, and clinical laboratories worldwide.

In Vitro Saliva
Diagnostic (IVsD)
Medical Devices

How you collect, preserve, and transport saliva is pivotal. Our biosample collection devices are engineered to eliminate self-collection errors, deliver the most consistent and robust testing samples, and offer the safest, most accurate, and earliest genetic change or disease detection opportunity.

  • IVD & CDX Testing
  • DNA/RNA Testing & Analysis
  • Gene Expression
  • Measure Protein Outputs
  • 100% Bacteriostatic
  • In-Device Extended Analyte Stabilization
  • No Cold-Chain Requirements for Sample Storage or Transport
  • First FDA Authorized COVID-19 Saliva Testing IVD Solution

Detect, Diagnose,
& Monitor
Assay Licensing

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Research Collaboration
& Commercialization

We believe when you bridge the gap between science and real medical solutions you deliver innovation with the practical power to impact and change outcomes. Research collaboration and commercialization make this possible. Our Liquid Biopsy Research Study with UCLA is a great testimony of success.

Bringing science to life starts here.

Saliva IVD Assay

Easily harness the power of DNA-based personalization for your product development program with saliva IVD assay development.

  • Health & Wellness
  • Specialty Therapies
  • Remote Clinical Healthcare

Associations, Memberships
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Associations, Memberships
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