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Healthcare-at-Home Solutions

Proven Systems & Supported Process Expanding Provider Capabilities, Improving Treatment Compliance and Maximizing Potential for Therapeutic Success

Patient-specific treatment therapies continue to demonstrate the highest safety and best outcome response for consistently delivering better patient care. The rise in remote healthcare has quickly and easily empowered individuals to be more in control of their health increasing demand and access to many specialty therapies as well as at-home testing options. As a patient-specific high-throughput compounding partner pharmacy, we not only expand access to the vast benefits of customized treatment solutions direct to your patient’s door, we additionally value that treatment’s overall success with stand-alone and integrated capabilities supporting your entire healthcare-at-home business and its growth.

Advance your remote care business with end-to-end solutions for testing, managing, and treating disease.


Tailored Compounding & Specialty Therapies

EXPERT Advantage

Our tailored, off-label, and specialty order treatment formulations offer your patients the customized treatment opportunity to increase positive therapy outcomes and decrease adverse drug events.

Our compounding expert’s attention to detail, strict regulatory compliance, skilled knowledge of recipe formulation standards, and focus on quality compounded components are here to help identify the best patient-specific therapy combo.

Therapy Plans


Failure to comply with doctor-ordered treatment regimens continues to have a significant impact on patient health outcomes and healthcare costs.

  • On-going and long-term treatment plans
  • Opt-in medication adherence program
  • Direct-to-patient prescription delivery
  • Prescription track-and-trace notifications
  • Direct pharmacist treatment support
  • Auto refill, ongoing, and long-term prescription reminders

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Treatment Solutions


We work behind the scenes as a high throughput prescription sourcing partner offering stand-alone and fully integrated patient-centric solutions.

Treatment success has a way of improving therapy adherence. Ask us how to include easy, noninvasive, at-home testing options to monitor ongoing treatment strategies for optimizing overall therapy success.



As a 503A state-licensed compounding pharmacy, we only issue medications with direct-to-patient door delivery obtained via a secure, encrypted, and HIPAA compliant digital prescription submission from a medical doctor.

Are you a provider needing a 503B partner pharmacy outsourcing facility for your practice or healthcare organization? Contact us below to discuss needs and licensing timeline.

Treatment Dispensing


Integrating our web-based managed order fulfillment system ensures we receive your patient’s digital prescription immediately following system input accommodating same-day shipping and rush dispensing options. Customizable business management portal access ensures order and patient information is always accurate and up to date with real-time track-and-trace visibility and customizable delivery notifications.

Expand & Advance Your Remote Care Business


Our innovative research, products, engineering, and development-to-delivery commercialization capabilities are setting new standards of modernized care for patients while expanding service offerings for providers and laboratories in new specialized testing and treatment opportunities from the comfort of home.

  • Specimen Collection Devices
  • Testing Kit Development
  • Custom Packaging & Design
  • Order Pick-and-Pack Kitting
  • Global Logistics & Fulfillment
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory product warehousing
  • Real-time order management
  • Track-and-trace notifications

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Patient-Specific Treatments with
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