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Since 2006, Spectrum Solutions has been a single-source provider of high-quality, direct-to-consumer product innovation & global fulfillment. For the last decade, Spectrum has found a specialized focus in the medical science sector that includes the engineering and manufacturing of industry innovating medical devices. Spectrum’s innovation has made such an impact within the life science sector it has been honored with several prestigious awards, received incredible industry and private sector recognition, and is directly responsible for the birth of a new billion-dollar saliva diagnostic industry.

We engineer and have medical device contract manufacturing, actively participate in medical science research programs, develop, and license diagnostic testing assays, we are uniquely able to offer our contract manufacturing and MedTech outsourcing customers measurable process optimization, a shorter time to market window, unmatched scalability, and full product development-to-delivery solutions.

Sometimes a fresh perspective on something we thought we understood, can open the door of new possibilities we hadn’t even considered. Focused on pioneering medical device innovation, Spectrum Solutions commissioned the breakthrough saliva study that dared to suggest a complete transformation in viral PCR testing protocols to an easier, pain-free, non-invasive, 99.998% accurate, and infinitely safer option using saliva (spit).

Saliva’s recent MVP status is a new development even though saliva’s been used in diagnostics for more than 2000 years. Analysis of the properties in saliva using biochemical and physiological methodologies are traced back to at least a century ago. Unlike blood, saliva analysis looks at the cellular level (the biologically active compounds), making it a better representative of what is clinically relevant.

Years from now, the medical community, patients, and history books will look back on 2020 and COVID-19 testing as the diagnostic turning point in favor of saliva.

In affirmation of this diagnostic innovation pivot, a speedy and unprecedented FDA response secured the first Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) early March 2020, for the use of saliva, solely collected using the Spectrum SDNA-1000, as a diagnostic biomaterial for COVID-19 testing.

A few weeks later, requests for additional product and process information to further validate safety and sample efficacy in extended storage and transport scenarios. The device’s remarkable performance locked in the FDA’s first direct-to-patient at-home testing authorization for the self-collection of saliva. A timely decision that drove product integration both nationwide and globally.

Saliva collected using a Spectrum bio-sample collection system creates the most robust and safest testing biomaterial. We believe when you bridge the gap between science and real medical solutions you deliver innovation with the practical power to impact and change outcomes. Our products, services, and expertise are paving the way and pioneering a new era of direct-to-consumer health & wellness, point-of-care, and at-home molecular diagnostic testing.


Meet our Leadership Team

There is no replacement for the insights and value real product experience delivers. Exceptional experience starts early and builds. One idea, one project, one product launch after another.

Hover over each element below to discover and highlight a bit more information on a team, their big wins, and possibly a fun fact or two. Do we have the right experience, talent, and skill to advance your medical device program?

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Stephen J. Fanning


Mr. Fanning has a rich track record of leading successful companies in the life sciences space. Prior to joining Spectrum DNA, he was President and CEO of Z-Medica Corporation, President and CEO of Solta Medical, Inc. (formerly Thermage, Inc.) and served in various senior executive positions at Johnson & Johnson for 25 years. Among his additional titles are President, Worldwide, of J&J’s McNeil Specialty Products division and President of Johnson & Johnson Medical. He currently serves on the board of three other medical and manufacturing companies.

Bill Phillips


As a founding partner of Spectrum Solutions, Mr. Phillips has spent 21 years focused on customer packaging, product engineering, and building an innovative customer-focused company. Under his leadership the company grew and evolved from the original two individuals to several hundred employees. His professional creativity and vast product manufacturing knowledge have earned him several industry awards and accolades as well as patents.

David Colbert


Mr. Colbert joined Spectrum Solutions as Chief Financial Officer in August 2019. He has a wide breadth of corporate finance experience for both public and private firms. Prior to joining Spectrum, he was CFO at Clayton Holdings, CFO of LifeVantage Corporation, and CFO of Park City Group and Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer for Sendside Networks, Inc. He began his career at Kimberly-Clark Corporation where he spent 13 years primarily within the medical supplies and device division.

Dr. David J. Vigerust


Dr. David J. Vigerust, MS., PhD., Spectrum’s Chief Scientific Officer, has a deep foundational and highly practical scientific knowledge across multiple disciplines in biotechnology, medicine, and life science. Dr. Vigerust holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Texas at El Paso, a master’s degree in microbiology and immunology from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, and a Ph.D. in cellular and molecular pathology from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.  Additionally, Dr. Vigerust conducted his post-doctoral research on viral glycosylation, host defense from influenza, and bacterial secondary infection in the Department of Infectious Disease at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. He completed a second post-doctoral fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical School in the Department of Pediatric Infectious Disease in the area of molecular biology of respiratory viruses.

Rohit Gupta


Mr. Rohit Gupta joined Spectrum Solutions as Chief Medical in the early first quarter of 2021. Rohit additionally became a member of Spectrum’s scientific advisory board in 2020 currently now serving as Board Chair. Concurrent to his position at Spectrum Solutions, Rohit also serves as the Chief Biobank Officer for TMRW Life Sciences. Rohit will be responsible for the strategy, direction, and execution of Spectrum’s clinical and medical product development plans. Rohit’s leadership will steer Spectrum’s R&D efforts and continue to drive product innovation.

Spectrum Solutions®
Scientific Advisory Board (SAB)


  • Rohit Gupta, Chairman | CMO of Spectrum Solutions | Stanford University
  • Ronald Crystal, Ph.D. | Cornell University
  • Andy Thomson | Thermo Fisher
  • David Vigerust, Ph.D. | CSO of Spectrum Solutions | Vanderbilt University
  • David Vu | VP of R&D | Spectrum Solutions
  • M. Martin Jensen, Ph.D. | Director of Clinical Innovation, Spectrum Solutions | Harvard University
  • David TW Wong, Ph.D. | UCLA Health | UCLA School of Dentistry


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