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Utah-Based Spectrum Solutions Saliva Collection Device Used in new COVID-19 Testing

It was just announced that researchers from RUCDR Infinite Biologics have successfully validated saliva as being a viable bio sample source for COVID-19 using the Spectrum DNA saliva collection device.

by: Douglas Jessop
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(ABC4 NEWS – DRAPER, UT) Currently COVID19 tests are being done with the use of a long swab known as a nasal phalangeal swab. The swab goes up into the nasal cavity and into the sinuses. One of the problems getting more people tested is a shortage of those swabs.

It was just announced that researchers from RUCDR Infinite Biologics have successfully validated saliva as being a viable biosample source for COVID-19.

Utah-based Spectrum Solutions was the sole saliva collection device used in that study.

Chief Operating Officer, Bill Phillips explains; “We had to do comparable studies to the swab. We collected over 75 samples of swab and saliva devices with people that do and do not have COVID 19.” I asked Bill what the results were. He quickly replied; “100 percent comparable.”

You may have seen or even used their DNA tests they make for companies like Their patented collection system works the same for collecting saliva for COVID19 testing.

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Spectrum Solutions has manufactured over 10 million Saliva Collection devices for distribution worldwide. The SDNA-1000 Saliva Collection Device is Spectrum’s latest device, which will help to lead the saliva collection market in molecular and other diagnostic applications. This fit-for-purpose and technically superior whole saliva collection device has been engineered to reduce self-collection error, is bacteriostatic, and delivers the consistent high-quality, high-yield samples for any medical diagnostic or clinical research required application. The patented preservation solution stabilizes viral samples within the saliva matrix effectively reducing additional exposure-risks to health professionals. As a result, ensuring sample stability at a variety of temperatures that enable the primary sample to be shipped as well as easily stored in case repeat testing is required.

Now available and currently being used as a biosample collection option for viral DNA/RNA COVID-19 testing for hospital networks, health departments, and clinical research organizations ready to accept tens of thousands of samples per day for SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus testing and analysis. Spectrum does its product manufacturing of the SDNA-1000 saliva collection device in-house at their facility in Salt Lake City with the capacity, and proven scalability to meet the rapid growing need for COVID-19 testing devices.

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