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Press Releases & News Worthy Mentions

When you deliver answers, innovative solutions, and worldwide impact during the COVID-19 pandemic everyone takes notice. We couldn’t be more passionate or grateful for the incredible story being told by these recent headlines, partnerships, and press releases.


Who doesn’t love a little validation?

What better way for you to see the kind of company we are, the kind of products we create, and the type of impact we are making than to hear it straight from our customers, industry leaders, and influencers.

White House COVID-19 Task Force

“I call it innovation under pressure, the tests can be self-administered by patients in health care settings, which will reduce exposure for medical workers and save personal protective equipment.”

Logo Rutgers University

“The saliva-based test actually looks like it performs better than the normal testing, which requires a swab from the nose.”


“The plus side is the immense benefit at the population level for a less invasive option than the current nose and throat swab collection methods for COVID-19.”

Gregory Poland, M.D. , Mayo Clinic
Spectrum-DNA-Saliva-Collection-tube copy

“…This provides an additional option for the easy, safe and convenient collection of samples required for testing without traveling to a doctor’s office, hospital or testing site…”

Stephen M. Hahn, M.D. - FDA Commissioner, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Yale University Research Study Proof Point- Saliva More Sensitive for COVID-19 Detection Than Naso-Swabs

“Saliva is a better diagnostic sample for COVID-19 testing than nasopharyngeal swabs. Widespread use of saliva sampling could be transformative for public health efforts. Our experiment also detected SARS-CoV-2 from the saliva of two asymptomatic healthcare workers who tested negative from their nasopharyngeal swabs.”

Akiko Iwasaki, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Epidemiology at Yale School of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
The Roots of Music

“On behalf of the board, staff, students, and everyone in The Roots of Music family, thank you for your incredible gift of saliva tests to use on September 26th during our community COVID-19 testing event. Because of you, we are able to offer easy, safe, and effective COVID-19 tests to our children, their families, and our community and neighbors. We are grateful for you saving our noses!”

Suzanne Raether, The Roots of Music
RUCDR Infinite Biologics Logo

“A tremendous advance to current COVID-19 sample collection strategies, SDNA-1000 saliva collection device creates the most robust and safest biomaterial collection approach for the detection of COVID-19 infection with 100% inactivation of the live virus.”

Dr. Andrew Brooks, COO at RUCDR Infinite Biologics (iBX) & Professor of Genetics at Rutgers University, RUCDR Clinical Genomics Laboratory
150xLittle League International Logo-2

“The safety and well-being of our players and volunteers are of paramount importance when running our Region and World Series tournaments each summer, and we are grateful to be partnering together with Spectrum Solutions to help safely allow our players to get back on the field.”

Stephen D. Keener, Little League President & CEO, Little League® International Baseball and Softball

“The logistics of testing all students coming back to campus with enough time to turn around test results before their arrival meant we had to collaborate with partners capable of overcoming these challenges, Vault Health and Rutgers’ RUCDR Infinite Biologics lab are among the best at what they do. This is what we wanted for our students.”

David Broecker, Chief Innovation & Collaboration Officer at Purdue Research Foundation, Purdue University
Clayton Kershaw- 3x National League Cy Young Award Winner - 2012 Roberto Clemente Award recipient - 2020 World Series Champion

“The ability to detect cancer at its earliest onset, even before imaging scans can find it, using spit? That’s a serious game-changer. In the fight against cancer, early detection is really everything. It’s the benefit of knowing you have time and options thanks to the testing innovation from Spectrum Solutions and UCLA.”

Clayton Kershaw, 3x National League Cy Young Award Winner; 2012 Roberto Clemente Award recipient, MLB 2020 World Series Champion
New York Times logo

“At-home saliva kits are the next frontier in virus testing.”

Miriam Jordan, New York Times
Players will be required to keep their saliva in their mouths at all times

“Salt Lake City doesn’t have an MLB team, but it’s now the league’s most important city! Bringing Baseball Back.”


“We would like to thank Spectrum Solutions for playing such an integral role in Major League Baseball’s return to the field in 2020. We needed a safe, reliable, and non-invasive way to regularly test and monitor players and Club personnel this season. Spectrum has proven to be the best option available for our ongoing needs. We appreciate Spectrum’s support, collaboration, and assistance during this challenging time.”

Jon Coyles, MLB Vice President, Drug, Health and Safety Programs, Major League Baseball

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2020 Innovation Impact Award

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